Let us help bridge the gap between YOU and where you WISH to be!


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Excellence, dignity and integrity for all persons.

Our Values

Helping people change from

"I wish I had" to "I'm glad I did"

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between you and where you wish to be.

Our Mission

As Seen on TV

Our founder, Donna Matthezing, had the pleasure of being interviewed on Breakfast Television.  Please check out the video here and get in touch with us if you have questions.  We look forward to chatting with you to see how we can help bridge the gap between you and where you wish to be.


Do you have special people you wish to see? is there a special place you have always wanted to visit?  Is there a big event coming up that you would really like to attend? Do you have health concerns that you feel impede your chance of seeing your travel dreams through to reality? 


Let me help you with exclusive and uncompromising personalized on-board flight assistance and support to ensure that your dreams may become a reality!

  • We will provide comfort and peace of mind for you and your family during air travel

  • We will ensure that there is no disruption in already established medical treatments/regimes and

  • We will work harmoniously with your existing health care practitioners if needed to ensure no disruption of treatments

  • We believe in "Ruthless Compassion", meaning ....

  • We provide fully open communication

  • Principles we will operate under: Dignity for the individual, excellence and service

  • Uncompromising personalized service while traveling to the place that you feel love, peace and comfort.

Our Services


We take care of it all, from start to finish and we provide you with comprehensive and compassionate care throughout the duration of your flights.  You have complete peace of mind and can relax and enjoy your journey.  You are in good hands!

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[email protected]  /  Tel. 403-510-1580

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